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Allegan Dental Office

Veneers in Allegan

Allegan Dental Office

Allegan Dental Office

Do you happen to be scanning all of the local dental professional outlets in order to find the most optimal Allegan dental office that is available? Look no further than Lakeside Smiles, where we have all of your veneer needs and so much more! Are you generally curious about what veneers are, or how they are created and applied to your unique mouth? We take pride in educating all of our patients so that they can make informed decisions regarding the future of their own oral health. Come on down to our office today to see for yourself why we boast one of the best reputations the dental world has ever seen!

There are so many reasons why someone might be looking for an Allegan dental office to obtain veneers, but here at Lakeside Smiles, we understand that the real reason anyone wants veneers in particular is because they are on a quest for the smile of their dreams. We are here to make those dreams come true. We will have you leaving our office with a glimmering smile that you have never even realized before was ever possible! Veneers are like think porcelain layers that are not actually made of porcelain, but they are applied to the surface of your teeth in order to improve their cosmetic appearance and also strengthen their performance.

There are never enough reasons as to why someone should bring themselves into the offices of Lakeside Smiles to see your new go-to Allegan dental office. The amount of things that some new veneers can do for you will truly blow your mind and make you rethink the ways in which proper dental health can affect your life. Take it from the experts and never question us again; we are here to help you and will never otherwise lead you astray. The ultimate smile is our biggest goal, and we endeavor to make it appear everywhere possible.

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Holland cosmetic dentist

Dental Veneers in Holland

Holland Affordable Dental Care

Holland Affordable Dental Care

Are you looking for a great Holland cosmetic dentist who is expert at creating dental caps and veneers? If so, you need to look no further than Lakeside Smiles. At Lakeside smiles your dental needs will be expertly treated by Dr. Michael E. Meyer, a dedicated provider of expert dental care for more than 25 years. Our office enjoys the latest in technology, and our dental techniques are state-of-the-art.

Many people who are considering dental caps or dental veneers do not know which would actually be the best solution for their own dental situation. Luckily, your Holland cosmetic dentist at Lakeside Smiles can explain the differences to you and help you figure out which would be most appropriate in your situation. Both solutions are a great way to mask imperfections and can hide cosmetic flaws. Dental caps (or crowns) are tooth-shaped items that completely cover the tooth and successfully hide staining or misshapen teeth. They also actually strengthen the teeth because they form a protective shell around the tooth down to the gum line. So, crowns are also helpful in protecting a tooth that is cracked or missing a large section due tooth decay. The same cannot be said for veneers, which do have their own benefits.

Your Holland cosmetic dentist can also fit your for dental veneers. Veneers are usually made of porcelain, and are actually thin shells that are made to cover just the front of the tooth. Veneers are very good at hiding cosmetic flaws. But, since veneers do not cover the entire tooth they do not work to make the tooth stronger. A benefit though, of a veneer, is that the dentist only needs to remove a small amount of tooth enamel to make them fit and attach. When a crown is applied, much of the permanent tooth can be discarded. So, it is important to realize that while crowns and veneers can solve cosmetic problems, they are not interchangeable for providing other dental functions. If you are considering getting a cap or veneers, why not make an appointment to come visit us at Lakeside Smiles? Once here, Dr. Meyer will assess your individual situation and advise you as to the best way to proceed. Then once a clear course of action is agreed upon, Dr. Meyer will be able to expertly execute your plan, and restore your beautiful smile.

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