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Allegan County Dentist

Toothache in Allegan County

Allegan County dentist

Allegan County dentist

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you should visit us at Lakeside Smiles. Our emergency dentist, Dr. Michael E. Meyer, will determine the exact cause of your toothache. Our Allegan County dentist will then provide you with the necessary treatment.

There are many reasons why a patient may be experiencing tooth pain. Sometimes when a patient has pain when they eat something that is sweet it simply means that they have a dental cavity. In this case our Allegan County dentist can provide you with effective cavity treatment which will include a choice of filling materials. If you have a wisdom tooth which needs to be extracted, our dentist can perform a simple tooth extraction using local anesthesia. One of the most common reasons for tooth pain is a tooth that has either damaged or infected pulp in its interior. A tooth in this condition may also be painful when you eat something that is hot or cold, or when pressure is applied to the tooth. If this is the case with your tooth, you will need to have a root canal treatment at our office. At our dental practice we use advanced technology which allows us to usually complete root canal treatment in one visit. This new technology combined with modern dental anesthesia also ensures that our patients remain comfortable during the root canal process. Using this new technology, our dentist can determine the length of the root canal without the use of x-rays, and the cleaning of the canal can be performed with a fast, smooth, and quiet rotary instrument. This modern technology will also help to ensure that your root canal treatment is successful. Happily, root canal treatments are effective in over 90% of cases. It is very important to receive a root canal treatment when needed because a tooth in this condition will never get better on its own.

For an appointment to see our Allegan County dentist for emergency tooth care, contact our office and let them know you need an emergency dental appointment.

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