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Dental work can sometimes be more than just a medical concern, but also a cosmetic one. There are some factors that come along with dental work that may have you feeling concerned about how the after effects will change the appearance of your teeth and overall visage. You will not have to worry here at Lakeside Smiles. Our Beechwood cosmetic dentists, Michael E. Meyer DDS and Katherine Vanderwal DDS, are here to make sure that you are as happy with your dental work as well as your appearance once the necessary procedures are complete.

Metal Dental Fillings 49423
Metal Dental Fillings 49423

One of the most common dental procedures performed is the routine of cavities. Plaque and tartar build up on the surface of teeth and along the gumline as we eat and drink throughout the day. This excess of buildup begins to eat away at the enamel of the tooth, causing tooth decay. These spots of decay form cavities which can grow and spread infection to the root of the tooth and inflame the gums and gum tissue. In order to prevent the spread of infection and decay, cavity fillings are necessary. These fillings have traditionally been metal, which are noticeable and stand out against the white of the natural tooth. Here at Lakeside Smiles, our Beechwood cosmetic dentists, Dr. Meyer and Dr. Vanderwal, can not only give you a more natural looking alternative but can replace your old metal fillings as well. Instead of traditional metal fillings that mar the appearance of your teeth, our Beechwood cosmetic dentists use newer fillings. These more recent types of dental fillings use ceramic and plastic mimic the appearance of your natural tooth and are virtually unnoticeable.

If you show any signs of having a cavity, such as tooth aches, persistent headaches, and tooth or gum sensitivity, you should schedule an appointment with us here at Lakeside Smiles as soon as possible. Treating a cavity as soon as possible is vital to preventing further damage or the need for more intensive procedures like root canal therapy or complete tooth removal. Our Beechwood cosmetic dentists can also give you newer fillings if you have no new cavities that need filling and can replace your old, metal fillings with ceramic and plastic ones that will give you a seamless smile.

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